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is a multi-disciplinary design studio, where the owners of the business are the creators of the work. Direct lines between clients and designers, no handovers to ensure agility and quality.

This reflects our conviction that one needs passion, intelligence, and - above all - personal commitment for great design to happen.

Triptyque Design is on a mission to elevate the quality and aesthetics of (brand) design in the world. We truly believe that good brand design never goes out of fashion. But more than a desirable brand, we help design successful and sustainable companies.
Barbara Bevort

Design & Strategy

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Emma Oosterling

Front End Development

Triptyque Design was founded on the basis of a long-lasting friendship and the common belief in sophisticated design.
By creating brands that reflect you and your story, Triptyque Design wants to give you the time, space, and comfort to do that particular thing you are best at:

Providing excellent products and/or services for your customers.