Margerite Luitwieler

Margerite Luitwieler is an Amsterdam-based artist. Her visual work is created in the same way as her poems – associative, emotional, direct. In close collaboration, we came to this website design where her work can shine without distractions.

The opportunity

Margerite Luitwieler wanted to create a website to showcase her work that reflects both her personality as her work.

Margerite Luitwieler mockup scene homepage

The solution

To achieve this, we choose to focus on a clean yet outspoken design that allows her work to shine center stage of the screen.


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website assistance
Margerite Luitwieler mockup scene portfolio artworks
Margerite Luitwieler mockup scene about

The results

Thanks to the close collaboration with the artist, Triptyque Design designed and developed a website that reflects the artist in her entirety. It has become a portfolio that she is proud to show.

The website is built with Craft CMS.

Analytics are collected using Google Tag Management