From the Greek word τρίπτυχος “triptukhon”

A work of art composed of three pieces

A brand represents a vision, values you and your customers believe in, a way of being and of doing things.

When applied well, a brand can maximise the efficiency of your company and motivate your actions while minimising the necessary investments.

A good brand can allow you to:

  • distinguish your company from the competition
  • increase customer loyalty
  • increase your marketshare
  • charge more for your product or service

Triptyque Design might be the team for you if

  • You want your brand to be built on strategic goals.
  • You want your audience to resonate with your story.
  • You want your audience to engage with your brand experience.
  • You need a strategy that keeps your brand front and centre in the minds of your consumers and employees.
  • You believe that good branding help you grow your marketshare and revenue.

You want dedicated creatives to create that story with and for you.

At Triptyque Design, we take the time to get to know you so that we can do what we do best: creating authentic brands that touch and inspire because they are built on strategy and crafted from individual character.

Our services
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Design

We also offer Brand Consulting & other capabilities

Brand Strategy

We take strategy seriously, it is the heart and soul of your branding. Think of it as the ….. that makes your business thrive. We want to know your story, your needs and desires, your hopes and aspirations. Tell us about your vision, your values, and your audience. So that we can build your strategy together.
What's included?

Our 3-step brand strategy process is done one-on-one at your location or via Zoom meetings.

We start by defining the core of your brand: your mission, vision, and values. In the second phase, we work on defining your purpose and value proposition. In the last phase we determine your ideal clients and their ideal customer experience.


  • one-on-one meetings to define the heart and soul of your brand
  • market and client research
  • audit of current brand if redesigning
Timeline: 3 days in person · 2 weeks via Zoom

Brand Identity

Before we ever start designing a single element, we dive a little deeper in what makes you you. We use a specialised and thorough process to further crystallise your unique and individual brand character. In this day and age, a good brand identity is no longer a luxury but a necessity.
What's included?

In this phase, we zoom in on your brand essence and personality. Also, we write your brand story by looking at the message you want to send out and with what voice. The most tangible part of this phase: we create the look and feel of your brand.

Brand identity including

  • brand essence
  • brand personality
  • tone of voice

Visual identity including

  • primary logo design
  • alternate logo
  • brand mark
  • colour palette
  • typography
  • supporting graphics
  • brand style guide
Timeline: 6-8 weeks

Brand Design

Recent events showed that your digital and online presence is more important than ever. In an increasingly competitive and digital market, your website is the portal to your audience. This is where you showcase your brand.
What's included?

We design every web page based on a hierarchy of goals and your audience gets centre stage.

Website design including

  • web strategy session via Zoom
  • site map development
  • custom website design + development
  • integral user experience development
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • art direction
Timeline: 6-8 weeks

Principles we work by

Quality requires commitment

We are committed to delivering quality branding. To ensure we can deliver on our promises we take on a limited amount of clients at one time.

Perfection doesn’t do shortcuts

We dare to dream big and to achieve what we envision, we take no shortcuts. Our designs are made with care and a meticulous eye for detail.

Craftsmanship and expertise

Our standards are high. To continue on delivering high quality for our clients, we constantly develop and deepen our knowledge and skills.

UX is the sum of all things

We make conscious choices in our process so we can provide excellent products that deliver excellent user experience.

Collaborator. Partner. Creator.

We believe that design is better when we put the needs, aspirations/hopes and desires of you, our clients, at the centre. That is why we take the time to get to know you. We work with you, not for you. The final branding of your company is a combination of your vision and our skills.