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Triptyque .
From the Greek word τρίπτυχος “triptukhon”

A work of art composed of three pieces


Your vision and mission are leading here. Together we clarify your proposition and its positioning.

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  • . brand positioning
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This is where we do some business soul searching.

  • . brand values
  • . brand message
  • . brand voice


The look and feel of your brand will derive naturally from the first two parts.

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Principles we work by
Quality requires commitment
We are committed to delivering quality branding. To ensure we can deliver on our promises we take on a limited amount of clients at one time.
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Perfection doesn’t do shortcuts
We dare to dream big and to achieve what we envision, we take no shortcuts. Our designs are made with care and a meticulous eye for detail.
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Craftsmanship and expertise
Our standards are high. To continue on delivering high quality for our clients, we constantly develop and deepen our knowledge and skills.
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UX is the sum of all things
We make conscious choices in our process so we can provide excellent products that deliver excellent user experience.
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Collaborator. Partner. Creator.
We believe that design is better when we put the needs, aspirations/hopes and desires of you, our clients, at the centre. That is why we take the time to get to know you.

We work with you, not for you. The final branding of your company is a combination of your vision and our skills.